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livestock farming is germaine to Uttarakhand and forms an integral part of the rural economy contributing in some form or the other to household income and family nutrition, besides producing the much needed biomass and draught power for agricultural operations. This activity is carried out in millions of household across the state and provides employment to the marginal and landless farmers.

The vision of Department of Animal Husbandry, Uttarakhand is –

Intensifying & Creating New Opportunities In The Field Of Animal Husbandry For Increasing Employment Generation And Enterprise Development in The State.

The Strategy adopted by the department to realize its vision is –

Providing Prophylactic & Therapeutic Veterinary Services, Doorstep Animal Breeding Facilities & Production Support Activities To The Livestock Farmers Through its Vast Institutional Network To Improve Animal Productivity & Employment

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Source : Department of Animal Husbandry , Last Updated on 03-04-2024